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Saturday, March 21st, 2009
12:48 pm
I made these from a recipe I found on the internet. And they are amazing. I could eat all of them but then I would throw up.

Simply take a package of cake mix, make it as you usually would. When it is cooked, take it out and allow it to cool for a couple of minutes then break it up into a bowl. Add a jar of frosting and mix it together. Now, if you don't care about getting dirty, roll into balls and put them on a cookie sheet. Put the cookie sheet in the fridge. If you have a thing about mush in your fingers simply stick the bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours and then use a melon baller to make them into balls. Do this the night before. Trust me on this.

The next morning melt some chocolate and dip each ball into it. Place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and stick back in the fridge. When cool, eat. And hide from the rest of your family/roommates/the world.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
9:48 pm
I posted this to my lj. Since I created this com, I thought I'd try to get it going again, too.

Arancini and Sangria recipes, as made up by meCollapse )
Friday, January 30th, 2009
9:46 am
Seafood Choucroute
This is totally easier than it looks (and sounds).  And I ain't even kidding about it being filling. I prepared the full recipe and two of us with healthy appetites ate it for three meals.  I fixed this because I had a qt. of what I call fermented veggies, but they're really called cultured. Basically it was pickled whatever root veggies are around and I got this from my CSA one week and had no idea what to do with it.  Choucroute is Alsatian sauerkraut and is usually made with pork.
Wine-Braised Seafood ChoucrouteCollapse )
Saturday, September 13th, 2008
12:44 pm
Oh, tomatoes, I love you.
Buy some blackened seasoning. Sprinkly it liberally on sliced, fresh tomatoes. Broil those bad boys till they are soft and hot and deeeelicious. Put the mess of salty, spicy, amazing tomatoes on some really good, crusty bread with provolone (and some token greenery if you like) and eat the crap out of it. The tomatoes will make a giant mess, as any good tomato sandwich is prone to do. You will not care.
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
1:10 pm
three couscous salad recipes
Hi all -- first time poster to this community but I see lots of familiar faces.

Working at a non-profit that somehow decided it would be a good idea to rent space in Boston's financial district, it's incredibly expensive for me to buy my lunch. I've had lots of fits and starts at brining lunches, but I've finally come up with three rules for a successful lunch-making routine:

1. must be able to be made in advance of the work week and not be gross and mushy by the end of the week
2. must fit all in one tupperware container
3. must be able to be eaten cold (thus avoiding the gross communal microwave and the way that microwaved leftovers always taste like newspaper by the third day)

I bring a lot of salads and cold noodles and things like that, but for the last couple months I've been bringing couscous salads. They're great cold, you can add all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts and cheeses to them to make a complete meal, and you can even buy whole wheat couscous (I get mine at Trader Joes) if you want to be extra obnoxiously nutritious.

So here are three variations on cold couscous salad that I really enjoy:

Tex Mex Couscous SaladCollapse )

Cherry Almond Ginger Couscous SaladCollapse )

Spinach Artichoke Couscous SaladCollapse )
Sunday, July 6th, 2008
5:22 pm
What do you do with YOUR celery roots?
I probably love celeriac, or celery root, as much as I do mashed potatoes and that's a helluva lot, lemme tell you. In the past, I've mashed the roots with potatoes and I've made soup, but last night I made a gratin (it was called a Celery Knob Bake *snerk* in the cookbook) that I could probably eat every day if I had to. So super easy. In my typical non-recipe format:
Preheat oven to 375.
Peel 1 1/2 lbs of celery root and slice CROSSWISE (this is important).
Boil 1 1/2 cups of salted water. Then add the slices of celery root and 1 cup of milk, bring back to a boil, the simmer for 10 minutes, then drain.
Make 2 cups of bechamel sauce and grate 2 oz. of Gruyere cheese.
Butter a gratin dish (12-14 inches diameter) and pour half the bechamel in the dish, sprinkle half the cheese over it and then evenly layer all the celery root slices that you have drained from the milk bath. Pour rest of bechamel over celery root, then rest of cheese.
Sprinkle a 1/4 cup of bread crumbs over the top and dot with butter.

Cook for 20 minutes or until top is golden brown.

NOW tell me YOUR favorite Celery Root recipe. PLEASE!!
Saturday, July 5th, 2008
5:13 pm
Qunoia Black Bean Salad
My mom says use red quinoa, it's tastier.
Qunoia Black Bean SaladCollapse )
Friday, July 4th, 2008
8:04 pm
Continual adventures in Mexican food
So, I made pseudo Mexican food in honor of US Independence day. It was mostly a success.

First, the for the win section:

1. Marinade: In a small blender- the "AS Seen on TV" Magic Bullet is actually perfect, blend:
1/3 cup oil (I used Corn)
5 garlic cloves
1 large pinch salt
a couple of shakes of cayenne pepper
some worcestershire sauce
Juice of 1 1/2 limes

This is for the steak, and lots of other stuff.

2. Steak: Take steak. Stick in plastic bag with some of the marinade. Let it sit. Cook on grill or in my case grill pan.

3. Rice: Make white rice according to favorite method- add two or three spoonfuls of the marinade, cook.

4. Grilled onions & jalapenos. Cut an onion into round slices. Stick onion and strips of jalapeno into the marinade. Let sit for a bit. Grill on grill or the grill pan.

5. Beans- take can of pinto beans. Add lots of chopped up grilled onions and jalapenos, plus some marinade. Simmer

For the Fail:
The tortillas were a total loss- packaged flour tortillas tossed on the grill, pretty awful. Salsa also a loss- I used jarred instead of making my own and I could taste the difference. Also, despite my having given him a large steak bone, the dog has been crying for the left overs for about 20 min.

But it was the 4th of July, I grilled things, and I had a beer. I think I have done my duty by America. And the marinade is 100% a doable, repeatable, awesome thing. Maybe next time on chicken.
Sunday, June 29th, 2008
8:46 pm
Pasta, sweet lovely pasta
I made this tonight:

Pasta with tomatoes and goat cheese.

This is a very inexact dish, to an extent as inexact as it is possible to get

olive oil
garlic cloves
fresh tomatoes
goat cheese
shredded parmesan cheese
large lemon
cayenne pepper
black pepper

How to:

1. In a pan, saute some fresh garlic in about oh, 3 spoonfulls of olive oil. Don't brown, just sort of warm the whole thing up, say three min.
2. Dump the olive oil/garlic into a medium size metal bowl. Leave in the middle of the stove (not on heat)
3. Set water boiling, get pasta going according to package directions, or your personal favorite method.
4. Chop up two or three fresh tomatoes - I used Roma. Dump in the bowl with the olive oil.
5. Crumble a couple of tablespoons of goat cheese into the bowl with the tomatoes & oil.
6. Mix the whole thing up with a fork, making sure it's all covered. Add a couple of pinches of salt, a dash of cayenne, and a few grinds of black pepper.
7. Add in the juice of about 1/2 a large lemon- a bit less than 1/4 a cup
8. Toss in a little more olive oil.
9. Let the whole thing mingle on the top of the stove.

10. Drain the pasta- do not cool.
11.Dump the hot pasta into the bowl with the oil/tomato/cheese mixture.
12. Add a large handful of parmesen, mix the whole thing.


My family has a tendency to make a lot of dishes that all come down to: Mix hot pasta with tomatoes and cheese. Works with brie, works the feta & olives, works with fresh green herbs, the works.

The hot pasta melts the cheese, warms the other ingredients, and is generally just awesome.

Works well in vegan form as well, just make sure you have enough olive oil to coat the pasta, and toss in the herbs.
6:05 pm
Recipe for Raab
1 bunch of broccoli raab (http://whatscookingamerica.net/Vegetables/BroccoliRaab.htm)
olive oil
dried chiles
fresh lemon

To use up the bunch of raab I got in my farm share, I did a simple Italian inspired dish. I put 2-3 TB of olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. While the oil heated, I chopped up 4-5 cloves of garlic and added those to the pan. I also added 3 fillets of anchovies (I prefer the oil packed ones). I stirred the anchovies into the garlic oil to break them up. Then I reduced the heat to medium low and added a little bit of dried chile flakes.

I chopped my raab into large pieces, and added the stem bits to the pan. I Let them cook for a minute or two to soften, and then added the rest of the raab. I let it cook, stirring occasionally. When it was cooked down, I tasted it and added a little more salt and pepper. Off the heat I added the zest of half a lemon.

The general flavor was mild and pleasantly nutty, with a zing from the lemon. The garlic and anchovies mellow as you cook, so the flavor isn't harsh at all.

If you take out the anchovies, I'd add 1/2 tsp of cumin 1/4 tsp of five spice powder to the dish to add another flavor level.
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
7:14 pm
Tropical Black Beans and Rice
Black beans were a staple of my college days, only back then it was more "add Adobo, smother in cheese, eat out of pot." Nowadays I have a more sophisticated palate (hahaha) and am watching my figure. I found this on Weight Watcher's site and it is delish! A nice summer meal.

Tropical Black Beans and RiceCollapse )

I used whole peppers and double the cayenne--don't forget that! It makes the dish. I also saved the cilantro for topping, cause simmered cilantro is not one of my favorite things. I suggest serving twice as much bean mix as rice, with iced tea on the side. This would be sooooo much better with white rice, but alas.
Monday, June 23rd, 2008
6:58 pm
Oven Braised Short Ribs and Cheesy Hamburger Mash
x-posted from my journal

Ok, so. While dinner is finishing up, I feel the need to share what I made. Well, share how to make it. Until they perfect that send-food-via-FTP process, this is the best I can do.

So, tonight's dinner is Oven Braised Short Ribs and. Man, I don't even know how to title the side-dish, as it's something sparkymonster told me how to make via IM while I was lamenting having all this seared, brown rib goodness at the bottom of my pot and nothing to do with it. So, uh. Cheesy Hamburger Mash? That works. I got it from sparkymonster on the fly because she loves me like that.

Also? This meal has NO redeeming nutritional qualities, but boy howdy will you be licking your plate.

Also, also: All the amounts are for about 6 to 8 servings. Scale as you see fit.

Oven Braised Short RibsCollapse )

Cheesy Hamburger MashCollapse )
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
12:40 am
Eggplant for dinner
I had some amazing eggplant in garlic sauce from a local chinese restaurant, and I have been hankering to have it again ever since.

So I bought an eggplant.

I did not, however, get around to buying garlic sauce.

So when faced with the dilemma of making something else for dinner or pulling some crazy recipe out of my ass, what do you think I did?

Well, okay, I first checked for recipes in my chinese cookbook, but it only had two eggplant recipes: one required a larger steaming apparatus than I have and the other included pork and sake, neither of which I had on hand (all the pork is frozen).

So... Here's what I didCollapse )

crossposted to my journal
Monday, June 16th, 2008
5:18 pm
Pot Pie
So, I think I've decided to make Chicken Pot Pie with a Feta-Parmesan-Herb Biscuit Crust, except with altering things, like I do. Yes, that blogger lists it as a winter comfort food, which it totally is, but I DON'T CARE. I'M MAKING IT IN JUNE. It would be hella uncomfortable to make this dish in summer if you don't have central a/c, but it is tasty tasty, folks. I've made this recipe once before and it was SO. DAMNED. GOOD. Like, so good, I've been contemplating not sharing it, but that's not cool, so there it is. Last time I made it, I used sweet potatoes instead of carrots in the filling and had to "make" buttermilk by adding vinegar to regular milk and a mix of parmesan and low-moisture mozzarella for the biscuit crust but OMG SO GOOD.

This time, I think I will use turkey instead of chicken, regular potatoes, carrots, green beans, onion and mushrooms. I dream about this pot pie, y'all. For serious. It will get made tomorrow and angels will sing.

Recipe under cutCollapse )

As an aside, I'm just getting into such things, so what are your favorite food blogs?
11:39 am
[Cooking] The Potato Salad Everyone Devours
So. I like to cook. A lot. And I like summer picnics. The thing I bring which makes everyone go completely insane is also one of the simplest things to make ever. It's just potato salad dressed w/ vinaigrette. It's vegetarian, it's vegan, it has no mayo, so it doesn't breed salmonella, and it's insanely easy.
potato salad powerCollapse )
Sunday, June 15th, 2008
10:18 pm
Chicago emo free sort of Mexican Steak & Taters & Iced Wine
Today was ungodly hot. I was profoundly anti social, emerging from my air conditioned hovel only for a brief trip to Jewel Osco.

But I mad a really tasty dinner, in my kitchen which is 900 degrees right now (seriously, it's about 95 F):

Fake Mex Fajitas ala Nora Bombay

Click on this to see the full dinner in detailCollapse )

Now of course, I have to venture back into the 9 million degree kitchen to clean the whole thing up. Alas. I see a glass of iced wine- v.v. different from ice wine- in my future.

I had been pricing grill pans, and they kept coming up at about $30. K-mart had one, labeled
"El Sabor Latino" made of cast iron for $10.99. El Sabor Latino is my new best friend- this was the best steak I've ever made where an outside grill was not involved.
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
5:12 pm
orzo i thought!
Lately, I have been in love with cold orzo salads. I have not, however, been in love with making sure I have a stocked fridge.

Warning: this recipe was concocted using the "whatever's on hand" method. "Whatever olives are left in the fridge after last night's taco dip" or "enough sun dried tomatoes to make the color balance look right," or, my personal favorite, "enough olive oil to make things look shiny." All measures are therefore approximations, blah blah blah.

sun dried tomato, olive, and pine nut orzoCollapse )
Sunday, May 11th, 2008
8:23 am
If you like beets, I found an awesome recipe last night (from Vegetables in the French Style). And it couldn't hardly be easier.

Beets with Orange and Almonds

1 lb. of beets, scrubbed and cooked (I cut mine in half and roasted them face down for an hour. I like the taste better than cooking in water where you lose so much flavor)

4 tablespoons butter

Zest of one orange

Juice of three oranges

Salt and pepper

Roasted almonds (I used pine nuts because that's what I had)

Cut beets into small cubes. Melt butter in heavy duty sauce pan with orange juice and zest. Add beets and cook on low for 15 minutes. Then raise heat and cook until all liquid is gone. Sprinkled roasted almonds over them and you're done!! YUM! :)
Thursday, May 8th, 2008
8:07 am
For a writer, I have no imagination
You guys are smart and foodies and clever and foodies and well...you get the idea. So, I'm coming to you for inspiration, or basically a really cool name for a new domain.

Wolfie and I are starting an online project that will start out with posting the recipes from Antoine Careme's L'art de la cuisine Française on a site, probably one recipe a week, maybe more. It's Open Domain (since yeah... it was written in 1843), we happen to have a copy (I got it for him as a birthday present years ago, translated even!) and thought it would be cool to share the works of THE first great 'celebrity' chef. Yeah, yeah...we'll probably put up google adsense, but really!

We'll go on to add more recipes from cookbooks that are open domain now, probably from the 19th and early 20th centuries, so it will be an ongoing project.

Now it's time to purchase a domain name and I'm...blank. Before we decided to add more books, it was thecaremeproject.net but that's sort of moot now.

I really like the thought of it being three words together, like foodshareeat or something stupid like that...but not that stupid. And I like the word share, but it's not prerquesite. WHY can't I think of something catchy and easy at the same time.

Anyone got any ideas? Maybe I'll have a contest. What would be a good prize? :)

ETA: In a stroke of genius (or brain fart)... theopenrecipeproject.net
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
5:51 pm
Baked Chicken and Yellow Rice
I'm baking a chicken tonight and I was chomping on a Cadbury Flake and pondering what kind of high-calorie side dish I could whip up to complete my chicken with herb butter (yes, I am on my period, how could you tell?). And it dawned on me: oh, yeah, yellow rice.

This is basically arroz con pollo sans pollo.

1 C rice (I always use long grain rice--rice is existential, so use the rice of your heart)
2 C chicken broth (or less, depending on how you make your rice)
couple tablespoons of pimentos (or cut up a part of a roasted red pepper yourself)
half an onion (leave unchopped)
a clove of garlic (whole)
saffron threads (to taste, a few)
green olives if you like them (I leave them out)
frozen green peas if you like them (I do, they go in mine)
bay leaf

Heat up the chicken broth and when it's above room temp, toss in the saffron threads. This blooms the saffron to get the most flavor outta the junk. When the chicken broth boils, dump in everything else. Bring back up to a boil, pop on a lid, turn down the heat to very low. Cook for 20 minutes.

When the rice is cooked, take out the onion and garlic, fluff. You leave in the bay leaf because whoever gets that gets a wish (some people say just good luck).
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